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Hi, this is Di Zhu. Welcome to my website!

I am an Assistant Professor in GIScience at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities since 2020 (The actual start date is delayed due to the CovID-19 pandemic).
I obtained my PhD in Cartology and GIScience from Peking University (PKU) in Jun. 2020. I have a B.S. in Geographic Information Systems and a dual B.S. in Economics both from PKU.
From 2014 - 2020, I was a research assistant at the Spatial-temporal Social Sensing (S3) Lab, PKU. I have also worked as a visiting lecturer/researcher at SpaceTimeLab, University College London (UCL) between 2018 -2019.
My research interests include Geospatial Modelling, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Social Sensing, and Spatiotemporal Data Mining.
P.S. I'm a big fan of photography, music and NBA :)